Terms of Service - Technical Support & ESICare Plans

The following terms and conditions apply to technical support and ESICare plans for ESILAW and ESILAW 360 products.

  1. Technical support is limited to ESILAW, ESILAW 360 and other ESI applications.
    1. Technical support does not include operating system support, networking support, or third party application support.
    2. ESI Software does not troubleshoot or debug third party products.
    3. Operating system support and networking support support will be billed at standard technical support rates.
    4. Technical support is limited to technical issues and does not include training or bookkeeping services such as reconciling your bank accounts. If you require these services certified consultants are available at an hourly rate.
  2. ESICare support plans do not include data recovery services.
    1. A valid working backup must be available to restore from in the event that a restore is required.
    2. Clients without a valid working backup to restore can purchase data recovery services by contacting sales.
  3. Account status must not be in arrears in order to receive support. Accounts in arrears will be required to provide a credit card prior to receiving support.
  4. Clients must be using a supported version of ESILAW, ESILAW 360 or other ESI applications. Discontinued products are not eligible for support.
  5. On-site installation and on-site training is not included with ESICare plans. These services are avaiable remotely at standard hourly rates.
  6. Technical Support contracts are non-transferable if a transfer of ownership of the firm occurs.
  7. We reserve the right to limit technical support in the event it is being abused for training or reconciliation purposes.