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Protection Can Come at a Cost

Antivirus software, otherwise known as security software, is what businesses rely on to protect computers and sensitive information from viruses, spyware, and other security related issues. As security software integrates itself with the computer operating system, it is well known that it can often interfere with the operation of software applications, resulting in errors and performance loss.

"AVG Update Cripples Users' Windows 7, Vista Computers"

As it relates to ESILAW, security software is known to interfere with read and write operations and temporary files used by ESILAW, scanning them while they are in use by ESILAW. This interference can result in errors or data corruption.

If you encounter frequent error messages or application crashes, or experience file corruption we recommend you examine your security software settings or network settings as they are typically the cause. In addition, if you have problems downloading updates or cannot use the Check for Updates feature, make sure review your security software, firewall, or router settings with your computer support provider.

Known Issues Caused by Virus & Security Software

Listed below are issues we are aware of that are caused by third party security software solutions.

  • Frequent error messages in ESILAW resulting in an application crash.
  • File corruption.
  • File access denied error messages (can also be Windows or network related).
  • Inability to check for or download updates or errors using the Check for Updates feature (security or firewall software blocking default ports required to access Check for Updates).
  • Slow performance.

What to Do if You Encounter Technical Issues

  • Exclude ESILAW (esilaw.exe), ESI applications such as Timetracker (esim2101.exe), and all related folders (i.e. c:\esiwin) from real-time virus scanning.
  • Exclude updateesi.exe from real-time virus scanning.
  • Exclude scanning of any .tmp files created by ESILAW, which reside in the Windows\temp directory.
  • Add ESILAW to the trusted applications list in the antivirus or security software.
  • Limit the ability of the security software to interfere with ESILAW (contact your security software vendor for assistance with modifying settings).
  • Set your antivirus software to perform scans after hours when ESILAW is not in use.
  • Make sure your firewall settings are not blocking ports required for Check for Updates.
  • Make sure Windows User Account Control (UAC) is not interfering with ESILAW or any ESI applications (i.e. Windows 7 Home UAC when enabled is known to cause issues with Check for Updates).

Where to Go for Assistance

  1. Contact ESI technical support.
  2. If support determines your issue is caused by antivirus or security software you will need to contact your computer support provider or security software vendor for further assistance (i.e. configuring security application settings, etc.).

We Do Not Provide Support for Third Party Security Software

Due to the wide array of security applications available, each with its own unique settings, we do not provide support for third party security software. Support for configuring security software must be obtained directly from the vendor or your computer support provider.

If ESI support deems your errors or problem are caused by security software you will need to contact your computer support provider or security software vendor for assistance. We recommend you visit the vendor’s website to review FAQs on known issues.*

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Read our antivirus and security software article to discover how you can deal with known issues caused by third party antivirus and security software.