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Building a strong foundation for your business by lowering costs and increasing revenues and profits is the key to success, which is why you need the right people and the right tools.  That's precisely why thousands of lawyers and notaries choose ESILAW as their law firm practice management and accounting software solution.  It's feature-rich,  truly easy to use and it helps strengthen the foundation of your business and your law firm.
Experience the benefits of ESILAW 360 today with a no-risk free trial.

Incredibly user-friendly without sacrificing functionality and flexibility

Experience truly easy-to-use, functional and flexible law firm practice management and accounting software.

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Client & matter


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The benefits of ESILAW 360 to your law firm

Take your productivity to an entirely new level with the easiest to use, most functional practice management and accounting software available to law firms. Don't take our word for it - try a free no-risk trial today!

One solution to manage your firm.

ESILAW 360 provides law firm practice management and accounting features that will help you maximize your productivity, manage your business better, and build a stronger overall foundation for your law firm. With the right tools you can do more in less time, stay on top of where your firm or business is at, and make informed decisions to improve your bottom line.

Centralized client, matter, and contact management that saves you time.

No more need to navigate through multiple windows to perform common tasks such as adding or updating client information, entering transactions, looking up information or even creating pre-bills or bills. The most common features you use on a daily basis are all available from a single window and that translates into time saved.

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Significantly reduce time spent billing.

ESILAW 360's streamlined billing process signficantly reduces the time it takes to create prebills, work on them, and get the finalized bills out the door. Regardless of your bill format and content or how many clients you are billing, the extensive, easy-to-use billing features will help you bill fast and that translates into valuable time saved.

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Get paid faster with online payment processing for your clients.

Send out your bills by email with 'Pay Now' links embedded in the bill and email. When your client clicks the link the invoice details post directly into a browser payment form and they simply fill out the payment method. They get a receipt and you get money deposited into your account. A sure fire way to get paid faster. If your firm accepts credit card or electronic payments you can also process those transactions directly in ESILAW 360.*

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* Requires Axia merchant account for credit card and payment processing

A feature-rich accounting solution.

ESILAW gives you both practice management and fully integrated accounting in one solution. Our extensive accounting feature set will give you all the tools and functionality you need to manage your books.

  • Time & fees
  • Client & firm expenses
  • Trust accounting
  • Billing and payments
  • Banking and deposits
  • Receivables and payables
  • Productivity reporting
  • Financial reporting
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Credit card processing
  • Customizable chart of accounts
  • And much more!

No third party accounting integration required.

ESILAW 360 is a complete solution that offers you law firm practice management and accounting. Unlike cloud solutions that promote integration or links to accounting software solutions that aren't ideal for law firms, you don't require a second product. More importantly, with ESILAW 360 you save by not paying two monthly or annual fees and having to deal with integration headaches. Why use two solutions when you can use one?

Zero maintenance.

No downloading or installing updates as ESILAW 360 takes care of that for you. Just install on your Windows device to get up and running and that's it. We'll continue to deliver you the latest features on a regular basis and you can focus on maximizing your productivity and building your business!

Small firm? No server needed.

If you're a small firm and you don't have a server in your office, no worries! ESILAW 360 simplifies your IT and reduces your costs as it doesn't require a Windows server. You can easily share your company file with any Windows PC on your network by clicking 'Share my company' and other users can connect to it by simply installing ESILAW. It doesn't get any easier!

Maximize your productivity & profitability.

We've been helping law firms maximize productivity and profitability for more than 30 years. As we move into an entirely new generation of technology with cloud and mobility at the forefront, we continue to provide practical, leading edge solutions that will help you run your firm more efficiently and increase your bottom line.

Billed today. Paid tomorrow.

With ESILAW 360 you can bill faster and get paid faster. Sign up for a 30-day free trial and experience the difference!

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More reasons to choose ESILAW

Lawyers and their staff love ESILAW

Great system to use, idiot proof!

Madden, Sirman & Cowle

I am impressed with ESILAW's fast response to customer enquiries/problems and willingness to listen to suggestions.

Harry Couchman, Southern Legal

We have been with ESILAW for years and I would like you to know that your program updates keep getting better and better.

Furlong Chodola Reynolds

I have been using ESILAW for almost six years now, I had a accounting background but had never worked in a law firm. The program is very user friendly and very easy to catch on to. One of the best things about ESILAW is their customer support team. It doesn't seem to matter what type of question you have or how complicated it may seem they are always able to help you. Thanks ESILAW!

Cara Rich, Cody Law Office

I started my small business almost 2 years ago and decided to use ESILAW as my Accounting system as I had used it at other law firms I worked at previously and was impressed with its user-friendliness. Since having used the system now for almost 2 years, with very few problems arising, I am extremely satisifed with the software and will highly recommend it to other firms.

Colleen Spier, Spier & Company Law

Simplifying Law Firm Practice Management.

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