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ESILAW 360 is our brand new practice management and accounting software solution that's designed from the ground up to be exceptionally easy-to-use and extremely productive. We've re-engineered the entire product to give you a much more efficient user interface that will help you complete your day to day tasks faster.

  • Completely redesigned user interface that is exceptionally easy-to-use.
  • New interface truly maximizes your daily productivity and saves you valuable time.
  • Centralized client/matter, contact and vendor management that gives you instant access to information management, transaction entry, transaction history, balances and more on one screen.
  • Faster transaction processing - enter, edit, reverse, transfer and write-off in from multiple locations.
  • Process bills in a fraction of the time!
  • Powerful find feature that helps you find transactions quickly and make changes to them.
  • Scalable user interface fonts and font type that makes everything easier to read.
  • Automatic software updates that require no user intervention!
  • Unlimited backup and restore points!
  • And so much more!

For a comprehensive list of features take a look at the Compare Features tab and if want to try ESILAW 360 for yourself take a 30-day free trial, easily migrate your ESILAW data into the trial and experience the difference! If you are considering switching to ESILAW 360, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to get your questions answered. Remember, we're here to help and to help make your law firm more efficient.

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While we literally have improved every single feature and function in ESILAW 360, there are a number of changes that we want to bring to your attention. The list below outlines the significant differences between ESILAW and ESILAW 360. Be sure to view the Compare Features list as well to see what what ESILAW 360 offers that ESILAW does not.

  • ESILAW 360 uses a Microsft SQL Server database and other leading technologies to provide a significant improvement in stability, scalability and security.
  • You can set up multiple companies within ESILAW 360.
  • Transaction entry has been streamlined so that you can enter transactions faster and view unposted transactions in the same window
  • The user interface is now scalable and will resize if you scale your Windows font to any size, allowing for larger fonts and easier viewing of text on screen. In addition, the font of the application has been changed to a much easier to read font. Note that font scaling is also dependent on the resolution of your monitor as it pertains to applicable visibility.
  • The Clients & Matters and Inquiry features have been combined into a new Client & Matter center that will help you manage your clients much easier. From the Clients & Matters center you can add and edit clients, perform conflict searches, enter and change transactions, view information, create bills and even produce reports.
  • We no longer allow negative entries for transactions. However, we now provide new features such as Enter Refund, Enter NSF and Vendor Credit to help you enter what were formerly negative transactions much quicker and and easier.
  • We have redesigned the billing features and overall process to allow you to create pre-bills, work on them and finalize them in one window. With the new workflow and added functionality in billing you no longer need to work in Word or WordPerfect to edit bills, recalculate totals and perform other bill related tasks. These new features will help you create bills much faster than you previously were able to.
  • The receipt features are now split into three separate features; Enter Bills Payments (for client bill payments), Enter Unbilled Disbursement Payments and Enter General Receipts. All receipts will queue up in the Make Deposits feature based on the Payment type you use to enter the receipt.
  • The Vendors and accounts payable features have been completely redesigned to function similar to client and matter management and transaction entry features. The Vendor center now offers an Invoice and Payments ledger where you can view all invoices and payments and work with transactions.
  • Make Deposits will help you fast track your bank deposits. You can quickly select the receipts you have entered for each bank, finalize the deposit and print deposit reports for the firm and the bank. If necessary, you can also reprint and undo deposits.
  • Bank reconciliation has been updated to simplify doing a bank reconcilation. It now displays deposits on a single line item with the total amount of the deposit and the deposit date. From the bank reconciliation window, you can view the actual deposit and even reprint it. You can also add, modify and post adjustments in the Clear Cheques & Deposits window.
  • The Find feature has been enhanced so that you can search using more critiera and even change the state of transactions within the Find feature (e.g. reverse an entry).
  • Reports have been modified so that the majority of reports can be run using additional criteria such as type of law or major client. You can also run reports with more flexiblity such as selecting multiple lawyers or timekeepers at the same time, even though they are not in a range.
  • The Chart of Accounts feature is completely resdesigned in a manner that makes it much simpler to maintain or change your chart of accounts.
  • For administrators or accountants in the firm, we have combined all accounting features into two navigators, reducing the need to navigate to multiple menus to complete tasks.
  • The new backup features allows you to back up while users are in ESILAW 360. It will also create restore points that you can easily restore with the click of a button and back up all of your company files with one click.
  • Adding additional users and installing the software on their computers is now a very simple process. Simply download the software, install it, and it will automatically search for any available company files on the network and allow you to connect to those computers and companies. This eliminates the need to do configure drive mapping, permissons and so forth.
  • ESILAW 360 updates are now delivered automatically to you and installed when you log in. There is no longer any need to download and install updates.

For a comprehensive list of features take a look at the Compare Features tab and if want to try ESILAW 360 for yourself take a 30-day free trial, easily migrate your ESILAW data into the trial and experience the difference! If you are considering switching to ESILAW 360, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to get your questions answered. Remember, we're here to help and to help make your law firm more efficient.

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Please review the list below for answers to the most common questions about ESILAW 360 and to learn about migrating from ESILAW to ESILAW 360. If you still have questions don't hesitate to contact us at any time for assistance.

About ESILAW 360

ESILAW 360 is our brand new practice management and accounting software solution that's designed from the ground up to be exceptionally easy-to-use and extremely productive. We've re-engineered the entire product to give you a much more efficient user interface that will help you complete your day to day tasks faster. It is also a replacement for ESILAW as it is built on new technology.

To view a list of the major differences click on the What's New tab.

The list below provides a quick overview of the benefits. You should review the Compare Features tab as well as it provides a complete overview of the differences between ESILAW and ESILAW 360, identifies new features and lists features that are not yet available.

  • ESILAW 360 provides a much more efficient user interface and will allow you to enter and find information, and complete your work faster.
  • A new user interface with scalable fonts (larger fonts), easier to read font-type, fully maximizable windows and much improved consistency.
  • Centralized client/matter, contact, and vendor management and transaction management that allows you to perform multiple tasks from one window.
  • Faster transaction entry.
  • Easier to find and modify saved transactions.
  • Redesigned billing features and workflow that provide more flexiblity when creating bills and significantly reduces time spent billing.
  • Process credit cards in the software.
  • Signficant improvements to all accounting features such as Make Deposits, Bank Reconciliation, journal entries and Chart of Accounts.
  • More powerful Find feature that allows you to modify transactions from the search results.
  • More flexible reporting with the option to run reports using additional critiera.
  • Automatic software updates that eliminate downloading and installing.
  • Simplified backup feature allows you to back up with users in ESILAW 360 and retains multiple restore points.
  • Smart installer that allows you to set up new users quickly. After installing a list of available companies will display.
  • Latest Microsoft SQL Server database technology resulting in better stability, scalability, and security.


ESILAW 360 pricing is based on an SaaS model (software as a service), with monthly and annual plans available. All plans include technical support and automatic software updates that require no user intervention.

The cost of a plan is based on the number of users you purchase. Each user license you purchase allows you to set up a user account and a corresponding lawyer or timekeeper for timekeeping and reporting. Volume discounts are also available for firms with multiple user licenses.

Click here to view the software and hardware requirements for ESILAW 360.

Yes. The migration will transfer all of your information or data.

However, as some features are not yet available in ESILAW 360 your data will be transferred, but you may not have access to those features immediately (e.g. My Fields or custom fields). Refer to the Compare Features tab for complete details on what features or functions are not yet available to determine when it is suitable for your firm to migrate.

Upgrading and migrating your information and data to ESILAW 360 is a very simple process.

  1. Upgrade your current ESILAW to the latest version. You can upgrade using Check for Updates and Install Updates or we can provide you with a a downloadable installer that will upgrade your ESILAW from ESILAW 2007.1 or higher to the latest version in one easy step. This may be more convenient if you are several versions behind.
  2. Purchase ESILAW 360 at www.esilaw.com. When you purchase you will create an account and you will be sent an email with a link to download, install and activate ESILAW. If you are in a multi-user environment, perform the download and installation on your server first then the remaining computers.
  3. Book your migration date, bill template customization and training with sales. If you're a larger firm we can do a premigration so that you have data available to train your staff on.
  4. We'll migrate your data on the migration data and restore a backup remotely once it is complete.

The time to complete the data migration depends on the size of your database, but typically it will complete in a in an hour or two for most firms. If you have a very large database the migration may take longer.

Schedule a Demo - Register here to schedule a demo to learn more about ESILAW 360.

Schedule a Demo - Register here to schedule a demo to learn more about ESILAW 360.

Feature or function
Client and matters
Manage clients and matters
Centralized client and matter and inquiry feature New feature
Use matters or sub-files
Automatic or manual numbering
Re-number clients and matters New feature
Create Quickbills from the Client & Matters feature New feature
Run reports such as Information Sheet and Pre-bill Summary from the Clients & Matters feature New feature
Enter and modify transactions from the Clients & Matters feature New feature
Time and fees, disbursements, trust, and bills and payments ledgers Improved
Filter transaction ledgers using dates and transaction status New feature
Print reports from ledgers Improved
View and print audits from transaction ledgers Improved
Summary of all balances on one screen including year-to-date and life-to-date
Link contacts and people to clients and matters Improved
Manage notes Improved
Record identification and verification details Improved
Custom fields Improved
Label printing Improved
Closed clients and matters
Manage closed clients and matters Improved
Enter details when closing clients and matters
Re-open closed clients and matters with all transaction history Improved
Closed client and matter reports
Close clients and matters directly from the Client & Matters feature New feature
Conflict search and reports Improved
Add additional conflict information to clients and matters Improved
Prompt for conflict search when adding new clients and matters Improved
Manage firm and private contacts
Centralized contact management New feature
Toggle contact views to display firm contacts or your own contacts New feature
Set contacts as private
Manage contact notes Improved
Link contacts to clients, matters and vendors Improved
Customize contact types and roles
Record identification and verification details Improved
Calendar, appointments and tasks
Appointment and task management
Link appointments and tasks to clients and matters
Firm and personal calendar Coming soon
Outlook and Gmail integration Coming soon
Limitation diary and notification report Improved
Document management
Link any local or network document folder to a client or matter New feature
Store client and matter documents in Google Drive, Dropbox or Skydrive/Onedrive New feature
One click to access documents New feature
Lawyers and timekeepers
Manage responsible and originating lawyers and timekeepers
Assign default rates, optional rates and client specific rates
Set up and report on budgets Improved
Hide inactive lawyers and timekeepers on screens and reports
Renumber lawyers and timekeepers New feature
Bill Rates
Configure lawyer or timekeeper default billing rates and additional rate codes Improved
Set specific lawyer or timekeeper billing rates on clients and matters Improved
Set specific client billing rates Improved
Lists and codes
Customize time, disbursement, type of law and major client codes
Set codes inactive to hide them from lists New feature
Time and fee entry
Record time and fee transactions
Use customizable codes, descriptions and narratives
Billable and non-billable time
Spell checker
Row and grid based time entry for faster transaction entry New feature
One click to toggle between time entries New feature
Automatic timer Improved
Edit time transactions from the transaction ledger in the Clients & Matters feature New feature
Disbursements and expenses
Record firm and third party disbursemetns for clients and matters Improved
Use customizable codes, descriptions and narratives
Use fixed rate and unit rate codes when entering disbursements
Row and grid based disbursement entry for faster transaction entry New feature
Edit disbursement transactions from the transaction ledger in the Clients & Matters feature New feature
Import client and matter disbursements
Write general cheques or enter vendor invoices to record third party client disbursements Improved
Customize purchase and billing tax rates on disbursement or expense codes Improved
Automatic or manual bill numbering
Create bills from the Clients & Matters feature using Quickbill New feature
Work on pre-bills and finalize bills in the same window New feature
Add additional bills to your bill run at any time New feature
Search for bills in the list of clients and matters selected to bill New feature
Retain pre-bills you are working on until you finalize them New feature
Add, edit and delete time or fee and disbursement transactions while billing Improved
Bill time entries with the option to replace time entries with a custom narrative New feature
Add flat fee sections in addition to time and fee sections New feature
Create flat fee bills without posting prior fee transactions New feature
Markup or markdown time and fee amounts while billing Improved
Apply discounts to bills Improved
Add soft costs
Apply payments from trust to bills
Change fee allocation while billing
One click to preview bills New feature
Export bills to PDF
Bill multiple matters on a single bill
Separate disbursements and other charges sections on bills
Groups disbursements on one bill line
Bills are automatically posted to client and matter ledgers New feature
Reprint any bill from the Clients & Matters feature New feature
Email bills to clients and matters Improved
Automate payment processing with embedded 'Pay Now' link on emailed bills to fast track client payments * New feature
Edit and reprint posted bills Improved
Bill sharing / approval process New feature
Split billing Not available
Bill templates
Billing template design wizard with highly customizable templates Improved
Display or hide bill sections such as statement of account or trust ledger Improved
Automatically hide sections on a bill if amounts equal zero New feature
Customize bill signature sections Improved
Assign a global template to all clients and matters New feature
Automatically memorize last bill template used for each client and matter New feature
Customize templates using a wizard or advanced editor Improved
UTBMS / task-based billing (add-on module)
Enter time and disbursements using UTBMS or task-based codes Improved
Produce UTBMS or task-based bills in popular electronic formats (e.g. LEDES, ICBC) Improved
Payments, payment processing and receivables
Automatic or manual receipt numbering
Transfer trust to pay client or matter bills
Process credit card transactions for payments or receipts in ESILAW 360 * New feature
Print receipts at the time of entry
Reprint receipts from the Bills & Payments ledger in Clients & Matters New feature
Enter 'Received from' memo on receipts New feature
Custom payment types
Set payment types to automatically include payments in deposit Improved
Set cash receipt limits
Accounts receivable reports for unbilled and billed
Record NSF transactions for bounced cheques New feature
Reminder or past due statements
Produce past due statements for clients and matters
Calculate interest for overdue accounts and display on statements Improved
Post interest for overdue accounts Improved
Customize past due statement templates New feature
Email past due statements to clients and matters Improved
Cheque Writing
General and trust cheques
Write and print cheques for firm or client and matter expenses
Automatic cheque numbering by bank
Manage payees
Print and reprint cheques Improved
Request and release cheques Improved
Vendors and accounts payable
Manage vendors
Centralized vendor management New feature
Automatic or manual vendor numbering
Process invoices for firm or client and matter expenses Improved
Pay vendor invoices using cheque, credit cards and other payment types New feature
Make partial and full invoice payments
Process vendor credits New feature
Invoices and payments ledger with options to filter by date, transaction type and status New feature
Vendor notes New feature
Link contacts to vendors Improved
Run vendor reports from the Vendors feature New feature
Set vendors inactive New feature
View and print audits from transaction ledgers New feature
Client and matter trust ledger Improved
Process trust cheques, receipts, transfers and transfers to pay bills Improved
Record and report on regular and special or term trust
Trust overdraft protection
Transfer trust to pay bills while billing or after billing
Trust reports
Banking and reconciliation
Bank balances summary window
Process general and trust deposits and print deposit slips and reports Improved
View, reprint and undo past deposits New feature
Exclude transactions from deposits based on payment type Improved
Bank reconciliation Improved
Finalize and post bank reconciliation adjustments in one step New feature
Finalized bank reconciliation worksheet and reports are automatically backed up New feature
Supporting bank reconciliation reports Improved
Deposit and receipt detail report New feature
Import bank statements into bank reconciliaton Improved
Enter outstanding cheques Improved
Open and closed client and matter reports with balances and details
Lawyer and timekeeper reports for billing, receipts, write offs and variance
Unbilled (work-in-progress) reports
Accounts receivable reports
Accounts payable reports
Trust reports
Billing and collection realization reports
Generate reports using multiple criteria Improved
Drilldown on report figures
Export reports to PDF, Excel, .csv and other formats Improved
Sort columns on reports while in view mode New feature
Search within a report while in view mode Improved
Report generation options display at the bottom of each report New feature
Memorize reports Improved
Payment allocation report
Interest on disbursements report
Financial reporting
Trial balance, balance sheet, transaction listing, profit and loss, and income statement
Set up and report on budgets Improved
Accural accounting - billed as revenue or unbilled as revenue
Fully customizable chart of accounts Improved
Journal entries Improved
Verify client / matter and G/L balances report
Close financial year function with password protection Improved
Extensive audit trail and audit reporting Improved
Set global, client and matter, and vendor tax rates for purchases and billings
Customizable purchase and billing tax rates on disbursement and expense codes Improved
GST/HST and PST reports
E-file GST/HST Coming soon
Transaction entry
Use codes and AutoText shortcuts to enter transaction descriptions and memos
Post individual transactions or batches of transactions Improved
Transaction entry and unposted transactions display in the same window New feature
EFT transactions Improved
Modify or change transactions - edit, reverse, transfer and write off Improved
Process refunds for overpayments New feature
Search for any transaction type using multiple criteria Improved
Modify transactions from the Find feature (e.g. reverse, transfer and write off) New feature
User accounts, groups and security
Configure users accounts and groups Improved
Restrict groups to specific features and functions Improved
Import and export data
Import and export clients, matters and contacts Improved
Import time and disbursement transactions Improved
Dropbox New feature
Microsoft Onedrive / Skydrive New feature
Google Drive New feature
Company management
Set up unlimited companies New feature
Switch between companies within ESILAW 360 New feature
Open multiple companies at the same time Improved
Locale specific functionality
Trust administration fee and supporting reports (British Columbia)
Law Society of Alberta export and upload tool (Alberta)
Ontario Levy report (Ontario)
Additional functionality and improvements
Search any list by typing all or part of client number, name, matter or phone New feature
Set default fee and receipt allocation methods
Larger, scalable fonts and font type for user interface New feature
Maximize windows to utilize the entire desktop New feature
Simplified navigators and toolbar to help you find your way around Improved
Automatic software update requires no download or installation New feature
Alerts feature that notifies you of incomplete tasks and other important information New feature
Searchable web-based knowledgebase and help center Improved
Toggle single and multi-user mode Improved
Add-on Modules (subscription required)
MICR cheque printing Improved
UTBMS / Task-based Billing Improved
Backup and restore
Schedule automatic daily backups New feature
Create backups with users in ESILAW 360 New feature
Unlimited restore points New feature
Back up all company files with one click New feature
Licensing and activation
Automated licensing and activation New feature
My Account lets you manage and upgrade your licenses New feature
Microsoft .NET and SQL Server for scalability, reliability and security New feature

Want to learn more about ESILAW 360?

You can sign up for a free webinar anytime to see how ESILAW 360 can help your law firm work more efficiently.

Schedule a Demo - Register here to schedule a demo to learn more about ESILAW 360.

Switching to ESILAW 360

Before you can migrate to ESILAW 360 you must be using the most recent version of ESILAW (2015.1.2). If you choose to upgrade to ESILAW 360 we will provide you with a download so you can quickly update from almost any version of ESILAW. Once that is complete then you will be able migrate your data to ESILAW 360 quickly and easily. The overall process is very easy to complete and won't take much time at all. With the migration, all of your data transfers to ESILAW 360 so you retain all of your existing information.

What Are the Steps Involved in Switching to ESILAW 360?

  • Contact sales to get your questions answered and to get a quote for ESILAW 360, migration and training.
  • Update your current ESILAW to the latest version if you're not using ESILAW 2015.1.2.
  • Schedule a migration date and training for staff prior to your migration.
  • Book bill template customization with us if you don't plan on customizing your own bill templates.
  • Sign up for a trial at www.esilaw.com and install ESILAW 360 on your computers or network.
  • Migrate on your scheduled date and start using ESILAW 360!

Migration Packages

We offer migration packages for different firm sizes that include both the data migration and training. For large firms a premigration is also available, allowing you to test your data in ESILAW 360 prior to your final migration date.

Do I Need to Book Training?

Our migration packages include training and the amount of training hours you receive is based on the package you purchase. Even if you're a small firm we recommend purchasing a migration package and scheduling training to ensure your migration goes smoothly. If your firm requires more training than what is offered in the migration package, dditional training can be booked by the hour.

If You Have Multiple Users and Workstations

If you are using ESILAW in a multi-user environment we've taken all of the hassle out of installing ESILAW 360 on the network. Simply run the install on any workstation and ESILAW 360 will find all available computer with a shared company on them, allowing you to connect to them and log in. This allows you to upgrade your network workstations much faster than conventional software with no need to maps drives, set up shares and permissions, or configure any other technical setting.