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To place an order for licenses, technical support, ESICare Support and Update plans, upgrades or add-on modules please contact sales using the information provided below.

Toll Free: 1-888-869-6689 Fax: 1-604-900-8201 Email: [email protected]

ESILAW is being replaced by ESILAW 360, our new practice management and accounting software solution. To learn more about ESILAW 360 and how it can make your law firm much more productive, click here.

For ESILAW upgrade pricing or to place an order for an ESILAW upgrade contact sales. If you are considering upgrading ESILAW and do not want to switch to ESILAW 360, you can you can download a trial or demo of ESILAW here and view release notes below.

Release Notes by Version*

*Requires Adobe PDF Reader or compatible PDF viewer to open. Download at www.adobe.com.

ESILAW 2015.1.2 Release Notes
ESILAW 2015.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2014.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2013.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2012.2 Release Notes
ESILAW 2012.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2011.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2010.2 Release Notes
ESILAW 2010.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2009.4 Release Notes
ESILAW 2009.3 Release Notes
ESILAW 2009.2 Release Notes
ESILAW 2009.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2008.2 Release Notes
ESILAW 2008.1 Release Notes

The following add-on modules are available for ESILAW and can be ordered by contacting sales.

Task-Based / E-billing Module

If you need to submit bills in an electronic format you can do so with the task-based billing module, which automatically produces popular industry standard e-bill formats such as LEDES, LEDES 1998b, Legalgard, Royal Bank, and ICBC. Call sales today to learn more about how you can save countless hours with ESILAW's Task-based or E-billing module.

Disbursement Import Module

Cost recovery systems automate the tracking and recording of disbursements such as telephone calls, photocopies, printing, fax, and postage. ESILAW's Cost Recovery Interface imports transactions from these third party solutions and applies the expenses to your clients or matters in ESILAW. A great way to reduce labor costs, eliminate errors, and increase overall revenue. Works with industry leading cost recovery systems such as Copy Audit and Print Audit.

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Bookkeeping Assistance

Bookkeeping services are not included with ESICare support plans. If you need assistance with bookkeeping or reconciling your accounting there are several options available to you.

  • Sign up for a training class to learn how to manage your books.
  • Contact a certified partner or your accountant.
  • Sign up for remote bookkeeping services where available.

For more information about available bookkeeping options please contact sales.


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