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Welcome to the Learning Center!

The Learning Center provides two types of tutorials to help you learn how to set up and use ESILAW. All tutorials can be maximized to fit the screen. Note that the majority of tutorials use ESILAW's Simplified menu for navigation. If you have ESILAW set up to use a different menu such as the Classic or Standard menu, you will need to find the corresponding feature on your menu. Features will function in the same manner on all menus.

  • These tutorials are step-by-step, interactive tutorials that teach you the basics of ESILAW.
  • Adobe flash player is required to view walkthrough tutorials and a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher is recommended.
  • These tutorials are narrated video tutorials and are more indepth than the walkthrough tutorials.
  • Speakers or headphones are required.
  • Important! When watching video tutorials be sure to select the YouTube 720P HD option ( ) in the video player to optimize video quality.

Need additional training? Select the Schedule Training tab for more training options.

Category Title Select a Tutorial
Installing ESILAW on a single computer
Getting Started - Startup Wizard
Completing the Startup Wizard when you run ESILAW for the first time
Video (6m 31s)
Getting Started - Quickstart
Completing required and optional tasks in Quickstart
Adding lawyers and timekeepers
Video (5m 32s)
Adding areas of law
Video (2m 37s)
Adding client types or major clients
Video (2m 42s)
Adding user accounts
Video (4m 39s)
Reviewing and configuring system settings
Video (11m 37s)
Customizing the Chart of Accounts
Video (6m 54s)
Adding time codes
Video (2m 44s)
Adding expense or disbursement codes
Video (7m 10s)
Getting Started - General
Menus, navigation, keystrokes and hotkeys
Video (5m 41s)
Getting help
Helpful hints on entering transactions and information in ESILAW
Video (7m 18s)
Customizing cheque templates to work with your existing cheques
Video (5m 39s)
Converting Your Data
An introduction to entering opening balances
Video (3m 0s)
Entering trust opening balances for clients
Video (4m 44s)
Entering accounts receivable opening balances for clients
Video (4m 7s)
Entering client opening balances for unbilled or work-in-progress fees
Video (5m 49s)
Entering client opening balances for unbilled or work-in-progress disbursements
Video (6m 19s)
Entering opening balances for outstanding checks
Video (2m 3s)
Entering opening balances for general ledger or financial accounts
Video (4m 14s)
Entering opening balances for general ledger or financial accounts
Video (4m 14s)
Verifying your opening balances using reports
Video (2m 17s)
Clients, Matters & Contacts
Adding clients and matters
Video (7m 44s)
Setting up custom fields for clients
Working with contacts
Printing labels
Closing client files
Conflict of Interest
Tracking and searching for conflicts
Using the calendar
Sharing calendars
Document Creation & Management
Creating document templates
Creating documents for clients
Managing client documents
Time and Expenses
Setting timekeeper and client rates
Entering time and fees
Video (3m 56s)
An overview of client and firm expenses
Entering client expenses or disbursements
Video (5m 11s)
Writing cheques to pay client or firm expenses
Video (7m 36s)
Entering A/P invoices for client or firm expenses
Editing time entries
Video (1m 36s)
Editing client expense or disbursement entries
Video (2m 5s)
Reviewing client work-in-progress or unbilled transactions
Transferring time and disbursements between clients
Video (2m 6s)
Writing off time and expense entries
Video (2m 49s)
Looking Up Information
Using Inquiry to view client information and ledgers
Using the Find feature to find transactions
Billing Overview - Watch this First!
There are two features available in ESILAW for creating bills for clients or matters; Create Bills and Billing to Word/WordPerfect. This tutorial explains the differences between the two features and will help you decide which feature best suits your billing needs. Note that Billing to Word/WordPerfect is only available on the Classic and Standard menus in ESILAW.
Video (3m 19s)
Billing Using Create Bills
Customizing bill templates
Video (7m 28s)
Customizing billing settings (Create Bills > Settings)
Video (4m 48s)
Selecting individual clients for billing (Create Bills > Quickbill tab)
Video (2m 48s)
Selecting multiple clients for billing (Create Bills > Bill Multiple Clients tab)
Video (5m 19s)
Working with pre-bills (Create Bills > Pre-bills tab)
Video (8m 1s)
Creating final bills (Create Bills > Bills tab)
Video (5m 33s)
E-mailing bills to clients and matters
Video (3m 30s)
Reversing bills
Video (1m 42s)
Editing and reprinting bills
Video (3m 4s)
Billing to Word/WordPerfect
Creating and customizing bill templates
Video (6m 0s)
An overview of the prebills feature
Video (1m 54s)
Creating bills for clients or matters
Video (10m 11s)
Using Enter/Modify Bills to post bills created with ESILAW's Billing to Word/WordPerfect
Video (5m 43s)
Receiving Money
Receiving trust from a client
Video (5m 12s)
Receiving payments for invoices or bills
Video (5m 50s)
Accounts Receivable
E-mailing statements
Writing off bills
Video (10m 40s)
Writing trust cheques using client trust funds
Video (5m 40s)
Transferring trust between clients
An overview of reporting in ESILAW
Using drilldown to find information
Exporting reports to Excel and PDF
Scheduling reports with the Automatic Report Runner
Bank Reconciliation
An overview of bank reconciliations
Video (8m 20s)
Reconciling a bank account in ESILAW
Video (8m 19s)
Editing or reversing a bank reconciliation
Video (2m 29s)
Lawyer Desktop
An introduction to ESILAW Lawyer Desktop
Video (5m 4s)
Going mobile with ESILAW Lawyer Desktop
Video (3m 59s)
What to do at year-end
Import, Export and Third Party Integration
Importing transactions from Do Process The Conveyancer into ESILAW
Back Up / Restore
Creating and restoring backups
Updating Your Software
Downloading and installing updates
Staying Informed
Configuring the news and updates feature

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Supported Versions - We currently support ESILAW 2008 or higher.

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  • Monthly and annual subscriptions available.

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Bookkeeping Assistance

Bookkeeping services are not included with ESICare support plans. If you need assistance with bookkeeping or reconciling your accounting there are several options available to you.

  • Sign up for a training class to learn how to manage your books.
  • Contact a certified partner or your accountant.
  • Sign up for remote bookkeeping services where available.

For more information about available bookkeeping options please contact sales.


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