Working lawyers, responsible lawyers, originating lawyers and assigned lawyers


This topic explains the differences between working, responsible, originating and assigned lawyers.  It is important to understand these differences so that you can set up your lawyers correctly and record transactions accurately.  Lawyers are assigned to clients/matters in the Clients and Matters screen.

Many reports prompt you to choose whether to print by working lawyer, by responsible lawyer, by originating lawyer or by assigned lawyer.

For example, let's say that for client/matter 1005, Jane Smith is the responsible lawyer and Mary Jones is the originating lawyer.  Anne Wilson worked on the file, and so a time entry was recorded for her.  A report produced by working lawyer will show the time entry in Anne Wilson's total.  A report produced by responsible lawyer will show the time entry in Jane Smith's total, and a report produced by originating lawyer will show the time entry in Mary Jones' total.


Many reports also enable you to print for the firm, rather than by lawyer.  When you print reports for the firm, clients/matters and transactions are not selected by lawyer number.  For example, a Client Listing report produced for the firm lists all clients/matters rather than those for a particular lawyer.  If the Client Listing is printed by originating lawyer, you will select a particular originating lawyer or a range of originating lawyers, and only those clients/matters where the selected lawyer is specified as the originating lawyer are included.


Ensure you understand these differences so that you can enter transactions correctly and so that your lawyer reports are accurate.