Editing disbursements


Simplified menu - Click Daily Activities, Enter Disbursements, Edit Disbursements

Standard menu - Click Disbursements, Edit Disbursements

Classic menu - Click Posting, Disbursement Edit


Use this feature to edit disbursement entries on clients/matters.  If the entry has been billed, you must reverse the billing adjustment or Create Bills transaction first.


Disbursement transactions that can be edited include entries that have been entered using Enter Disbursements and Import Disbursements.  You cannot edit firm checks or transactions entered in the Accounts Payable program, and you cannot edit anticipated disbursements, receipts to unbilled disbursements, or transactions entered as balance forward billing credits.  If you need to modify a firm check, reverse it and re-enter it.  To edit an accounts payable invoice transaction, use the Modify Invoices feature.  Watch a tutorial on editing disbursements.

  1. Select the Client/Matter.

  2. Click the transaction and click Edit image\edit20x20.gif.

  3. Make your changes and click Save image\save20x20.gif.  Click Quickfill to automatically insert frequently-used text in the description.

  4. To select another client/matter click New image\new20x20.gif.

  5. To view edited transactions click the Unposted Transactions tab.  If you decide not to save the changes to a transaction, highlight the entry and click Delete image\delete20x20.gif.

  6. Continue editing transactions or click Post image\done16x16.gif.


Tips for editing disbursements