Entering trust receipts


Simplified menu - Click Daily Activities, Enter Trust Receipts

Standard menu - Click Trust, Enter Trust Receipts

Classic menu - Click Posting, Trust Receipts


Use this feature to enter regular or term (also called special or interest-bearing) trust receipts on clients/matters.  Trust receipts debit (increase) your trust bank balance and credit (increase) your Client Funds in Trust liability account.


When entering trust receipts, ensure you use the correct trust code: use R for pooled or regular trust and T for term trust.  You can't write checks on special trust.  Watch a tutorial on entering trust receipts.

  1. Select the Trust bank account number.

  2. Enter the Date, click image\cal_icon.gif to select the date from the calendar, or press Enter to use the current date.  To use a prior year date enter the date and then enter the prior year adjustments password when prompted.

  3. Select the Client/Matter or press F5 to display a list to choose from.

  4. (Optional) Enter a Reference number.

  5. Enter the payment type.  Press F5 to display a list of payment types to choose from, or enter the code assigned to the payment type.  

  6. If the payment type is CHK the next Receipt number will be displayed automatically if Automatic receipt numbering is enabled.  Press Enter to accept the default number or type a number up to 10 digits long.  For non-check items you can enter a number up to 20 digits or characters long, and the receipt numbering series for the bank will be unaffected.  

  7. Enter a Description of the receipt or press F5 to display a list to choose from.  Click Quickfill to automatically insert frequently-used text in the description.

  8. Enter the Receipt amount.

  9. Enter R for regular trust or T for special trust.  For special trust, enter the term deposit expiration date.

  10. In the upper right corner, select Print Receipts to print a copy of the receipt, and choose the number of copies to print.  You can also print a Deposit Slip.  Select English or French to choose the language in which the receipts and deposit slip will print.  Receipts print when you click Save image\save20x20.gif.  Deposit slips print when the receipt is posted to the file.  

  11. If your firm operates in British Columbia, read Entering the Trust Administration fee.

  12. Click Save image\save20x20.gif.

  13. Continue entering receipts or click Post image\done16x16.gif.


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