Trial Balance report


Simplified menu - Click Accounting, G/L Reports, Trial Balance

Standard menu - Click General Ledger, G/L Reports, Trial Balance

Classic menu - Click General Ledger, G/L Reports, Trial Balance


The Trial Balance displays the opening balance for each account, the net change as a result of the transactions entered for the account during the current month, and the closing balance.  The final total at the end should be zero, indicating that the general ledger is balanced.


Print a Trial Balance at month-end, year-end and any other time you require a printout of your financial status.

  1. Enter the Report year date range.

  2. For the Current Period, enter the start and end dates of the current accounting month.

  3. Choose whether to include Inactive accounts on the report.

  4. Click View image\view20x20.gif to display the report on your screen, enabling you to export the report and to drill down for more information.  Or, click Print image\print20x20.gif to send the report to your printer.  


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