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Use the options on the Billing tab to configure how bills are produced for your clients/matters.  These settings apply to all users.  Watch a tutorial on configuring billing settings.

  1. Click the Billing tab, then click Edit .  

  2. Use the Fee Distribution option to specify how fees are distributed in Create Bills and when using the Enter/Modify Bills Select All Pre-billed Clients feature.  For example, you may want to distribute fees to the responsible lawyer on the client/matter, or to multiple lawyers who worked on the file.  Select A to automatically distribute fees to the responsible lawyer on the client/matter, or select P to prorate fees based on the time transactions on the bill.  Select Not Specified if you don't want to specify a default.  You can override this option in Create Bills, but you must make a selection here if you use the Enter/Modify Bills Select All Pre-billed Clients feature.  

  3. Select Automatic Bill Numbering if you want the program to automatically generate bill numbers.  If you enable this option, enter the Starting Bill number in the space provided.  The numbering series is not user-specific – all users will have the same numbering series.

  4. Select Enable Post Option in Create Bills to ensure that the Post Bills to Client Files option is selected in the Create Bills feature.  When this option is selected, bills will be entered on clients/matters when they are printed.  If this option is not selected, bills must be manually entered on clients/matters using Enter/Modify Bills.  You must select this option if you want to use the Adjust Bill feature.  

  5. Enable Automatically Charge Client to process a surcharge for clients/matters when producing bills.  For more information, read Administration surcharge.  The Administration surcharge applies only to firms operating in the United States.  

  6. If you use the Administration surcharge, select the method you prefer for charging the fee.  Select Percentage of fees to base the amount on the fees billed, and enter the percentage in the space provided.  If you choose this option, each bill that includes fees (lawyer's and timekeeper's time) will include the Administration surcharge.  Select Amount every invoice to charge a set amount on each bill, and enter the amount in the space provided.  Otherwise, select One time amount, and enter the amount.  

  7. In the Code field, enter the disbursement code to use for charging the Administration surcharge.  If you have not configured a disbursement code, or for more information, read the topic Administration surcharge.  

  8. Click Save .  


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