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Simplified menu - Click Settings, System Settings

Standard menu - Click Settings, System Settings

Classic menu - Click System, System Settings


The Tax Settings tab contains information about your firm as a vendor.  For example, you must specify whether or not your firm charges tax, and if so, at what rate.  These options apply to all users.  Do not modify these settings unless you understand how the changes will affect your system.

  1. Click the Tax Settings tab, then click Edit .

  2. Enter your tax vendor name in the Vendor Name field.  Unless your vendor name for tax purposes differs from your firm name, enter your firm name.

  3. Enter your firm's Address and Telephone number.  The state/province field is used to configure tax settings.

  4. In the Tax/Business No. and Tax/Business No. 2 fields, enter your firm's tax or business registration numbers.

  5. Tax 1 is federal tax charged on fees or disbursements.  Select this option if your firm charges Tax 1, and enter the Tax 1 rate if applicable.

  6. Tax 2 is state or provincial tax charged on fees and disbursements.  If your firm charges Tax 2, enter the rate.  

  7. Depending on your state/province tax regulations, select Tax 2 on Tax 1.   

  8. Click Save .  


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