System Balance/File Health


The System Balance and File Health reports are quick reports that you should print to ensure your data is in balance.


System Balance report


The System Balance report checks for an imbalance between the general ledger control accounts and the client ledgers, and between the general ledger debits and general ledger credits.


When a transaction is entered for a client/matter the program automatically updates the appropriate general ledger accounts.  For example, when you enter a trust check, the Client Funds in Trust Liability account is debited and the trust bank account is credited.  If an error such as a hardware failure occurs when you are entering a transaction, the client/matter may be updated but not the general ledger, or vice versa.  This causes the System Balance to go out of balance because the general ledger total will no longer equal the total for the client/matter ledgers.  The System Balance will display a message indicating that it is out of balance, and will indicate the account where the problem is.


Likewise, if an error occurred while the general ledger itself was being updated, the amount debited may not equal the amount credited.  The System Balance will indicate this with the message "General ledger is out of balance" and the amount it is out of balance by.  Read Correcting problems with the System Balance report for more information.


The distinction between the System Balance being out of balance (general ledger does not equal client ledgers) and the general ledger being out of balance (general ledger debits do not equal general ledger credits) is important.



File Health report


The File Health report displays the status of your client/matter ledgers.  The balance on a client/matter is calculated using two methods: the transaction details are totalled, and a master balance for the ledger is stored.  If these balances do not agree, the client/matter number will display on the File Health report.  Typical causes of clients/matters appearing on the File Health report are hardware failures and system errors.  Read Correcting problems with the File Health report for more information.



When to print the System Balance and File Health reports:


Printing the System Balance and File Health reports