Splitting bills to multiple parties


Select this option in the Clients and Matters feature to allocate billed amounts to clients/matters other than the client/matter being billed.  For example, you may want to split a single bill among a client's matters.  Bills are split by percentage amounts.  If this option is selected, a billing run of multiple clients/matters cannot include both the "parent" client/matter and the clients/matters to which its bills are to be split.  Note also that you cannot apply a payment to a bill that is being split.


This feature applies only to files billed using Create Bills.  Bills entered using Enter/Modify Bills are not split to multiple parties, even when the option is specified in the Clients and Matters screen.


Separate bill IDs and bill numbers are generated for each client/matter a bill is split to because bill IDs and bill numbers depend on bills already on the client/matter, in order to avoid duplicate numbers.  However, split bills will all have the same audit number.


Applicable taxes are split along with fees and disbursements.  This means that even if you choose to only split fees, applicable taxes on fees will also update the clients/matters the fees are split to.

  1. In the Clients and Matters feature, select the client/matter whose bills you want to allocate to other files, and click the Billing Settings tab.  You cannot choose a client/matter that is selected as a file another client’s bill is to be split to.

  2. Click Split Fees to allocate billed fees.  Click Split Disbursements to allocate billed disbursements.  You can choose either or both options.

  3. Enter the Client/Matter bills are to be allocated to, and enter the percentage of the bill each should get.  Percentage amounts must total 100.

  4. Click Save image\save20x20.gif.


You cannot override this setting in Create Bills.  Therefore, if you do not want to split a particular bill, disable the option in the Clients and Matters screen before processing the bill in Create Bills.