Setting default timekeeper rates


Use this option in the Clients and Matters feature to specify particular rates at which a client/matter should be charged, for multiple lawyers and timekeepers.  In contrast to the bill rate code, which enables you to select a lawyer's optional rate at which to charge the client, this option enables you to enter customizable rates.  That is, you can enter rates that are not among lawyers' optional rates.  Default rates entered in this screen override the bill rate code and the default rate on the client/matter.  

  1. Open the Clients and Matters feature and select a client/matter.

  2. Click the Billing Settings tab and select Set Default Timekeeper Rates.

  3. Click the arrow under Code, and select the lawyer or timekeeper for whom you want to specify a rate.  

  4. Enter the hourly rate In the Rate field.  When the lawyer or timekeeper records time on this client/matter, it will be recorded at the rate specified here regardless of the lawyer's default rate.  

  5. To remove a timekeeper rate, right-click the timekeeper's name and select Remove Current Timekeeper.  To remove all timekeeper default rates, select Remove All Timekeepers.

  6. Click Exit to save your changes and return to the Clients and Matters feature.