Reversing trust receipts


Simplified menu - Click Daily Activities, Enter Trust Receipts

Standard menu - Click Trust, Enter Trust Receipts

Classic menu - Click Posting, Trust Receipts


Follow these steps to reverse trust receipts on client/matters or in general ledger accounts.

  1. Select Reverse.

  2. Enter the Date, click image\cal_icon.gif to select the date from the calendar, or press Enter to use the current date.  To use a prior year date enter the date and then enter the prior year adjustments password when prompted.

  3. Click Client or G/L, and select the Client/Matter or General ledger account.

  4. After selecting the client/matter or general ledger account number, the transactions that can be reversed will display.  Double-click to select an entry, or click once and then press Enter.

  5. Modify the Description if necessary.  The transaction amount will fill in automatically.

  6. Click Save image\save20x20.gif.

  7. Continue entering transactions or click Post image\done16x16.gif.