Reversing bills entered in Create Bills


Simplified menu - Click Daily Activities, Create Bills, Reverse Bills

Standard menu - Click Billing, Reverse Bills

Classic menu - Click Billing, Reverse Bills


Use this feature to reverse bills entered using Create Bills.  To reverse a bill entered using the Enter/Modify Bills program, read Reversing billing adjustments.  To reverse a bill to which a receipt, write-off or trust or retainer transfer to A/R was applied, reverse the receipt, write-off or payment first.  Watch a tutorial on reversing bills.

  1. Select the Client/Matter, and choose the Bill ID or press F5 to display a list of bills.  Select the bill to reverse by double-clicking it or by clicking once and pressing Enter.

  2. Enter the Date to record the reversal on.  You may want to use the same date as the original entry or you may prefer to use the current date.  Confirm when the original entry was entered and consider how the reversal will affect your reports.  For example, the original entry may appear on your previous month-end reports and the reversal may appear on the current month-end reports.

  3. Click Save image\save20x20.gif.

  4. Click Post image\done16x16.gif.

Tip:  When reversing a split bill, the reversal will be recorded on the clients/matters the original bill was split to.