Receipts Journal report


Simplified menu - Click Month/Year-end, Receipts Journal

Standard menu - Click Month/Year-end, Receipts Journal

Classic menu - Click Monthly, Receipts Journal


Print the Receipts Journal to view a report of all general receipts or trust receipts entered for a particular bank account or for all bank accounts.

  1. Enter the Report date or press Enter to use the current date.

  2. In the Include Transactions From and To fields, enter the date range for receipts to include on the report.

  3. Select the G/L Account for the bank or choose All to print receipts for all banks.

  4. Select Include Details to include the client matter description and transaction description for each entry.

  5. Select Include Trust Summary to print a summary page with receipts totalled by trust bank.  This option is only enabled if All banks is selected in Step 4.

  6. (Optional) Enter the Cash Receipt Limit.  Clients/matters with cash receipts for a single lawyer exceeding this limit will be indicated on the report.  

  7. Click View image\view20x20.gif to display the report on your screen or click Print image\print20x20.gif to send it to your printer.