Rebuilding indexes


Simplified menu - Click Maintenance, Database, Rebuild Indexes

Standard menu - Click Maintenance, Database, Rebuild Indexes

Classic menu - Click Utilities, Rebuild Indexes


This feature is used to rebuild the program's databases and index files and to remove temporary work files.  Database and index corruption can cause incorrect data to display or print and can also cause your system to run slower.  Run this utility monthly, and after a system error or hardware failure.  You may find it helpful to make this procedure part of your month-end routine.  


If Rebuild Indexes hasn't been run in 30 days or more, administrators will receive a reminder when starting the program.


Important:  Don't run utility programs unless you have a current backup and have ensured that all other users have exited all programs that access its data.  

  1. First, print the System Balance and File Health reports.

  2. Start the Rebuild Indexes utility, and if there are no other users in the program, you will be prompted to click Ok to continue.

  3. You can rebuild indexes for specific data files or for all files.  Unless you are aware of a problem with a specific data file, rebuild the indexes for all files.  If you are running Rebuild Indexes as part of a regular routine or following a system crash or error, select all files.  To rebuild the indexes for a specific file, clear the check-boxes beside the files you don't want to rebuild.

  4. Click Proceed image\done16x16.gif.

  5. Reprint the System Balance and File Health reports to ensure they match the reports printed in Step 1.