Entering the Trust Administration fee


The Trust Administration Fee applies only to firms operating in British Columbia, Canada.


The Trust Administration Fee (TAF) is a one-time fee on clients/matters, and is charged if a lawyer handles trust funds not used as a retainer or as payment for client expenses.  The program automatically records a TAF disbursement of $10.00 on the client/matter when a trust receipt is entered.  If the client has already been charged the TAF a second entry will not be recorded.  You also have the option of entering the fee as an expense to the firm, rather than charging it to the client file.  Read more about the trust administration fee.

  1. Before clicking Save image\save20x20.gif when entering a trust receipt, select one of the following options: choose Not Subject to TAF if the fee does not apply to this client/matter, choose Charge TAF to Client to record the disbursement on the client/matter, or choose Charge TAF to Firm to record the fee as an expense to the firm.


Tip:  Set one of the above three options as the default in the System Settings screen, so that the option will be used each time trust receipts are entered.  If the TAF has already been recorded on a client/matter, it will not be entered again even if Charge TAF to Client is selected.