Payment types


Simplified menu - Click Lists, Payment Types

Standard menu - Click Lists, Payment Types

Classic menu - Click File Maintenance, Payment Types


Payment types are used when entering retainers, receipts, general checks and trust checks.  Payment types provided by default are Cash, Check, Credit Card and Electronic Fund Transfer, but you can edit these options and add your own.  When entering checks using the General Checks and Trust Checks features, only those checks entered with payment type CHK will display in the list of checks to print.  

  1. Click New image\new20x20.gif.

  2. Enter an alphanumeric Code up to three characters long to be assigned to the payment type.  You will enter this code to select the payment type.  

  3. Enter the Description of the payment type.

  4. Click Save image\save20x20.gif.


Editing, deleting and printing payment types