My Fields


Simplified menu - Click Maintenance menu, My Fields

Standard menu - Click Maintenance menu, My Fields

Classic menu - Click Client, My Fields


The My Fields feature enables you to add your own fields to the Clients and Matters and Inquiry features, customizing the information you can store for your clients/matters.  After adding up to 180 custom fields in the My Fields feature, use Clients and Matters to enter information in the new fields.  Click the My Fields tab in the Inquiry feature to view the contents of the fields.  You can print the fields, along with other information on your clients/matters, using the Information Sheet.  


My Fields are not user-specific.  That is, all users will see all custom fields, regardless of who created the custom fields.  Watch a tutorial on adding custom fields.


 Adding My Fields

 Deleting My Fields

 Entering information in My Fields

 Viewing and printing information in My Fields