Entering limitation dates


Simplified menu - Click Daily Activities, Clients and Matters, Limitation Diary

Standard menu - Click Clients/Contacts menu, Limitation Diary

Classic menu - Click File Maintenance, Limitation Diary


Limitation date entries are recorded in the Limitation Diary.  The Limitation Diary can be used as a notification system for anything you require, but it is commonly used as a reminder system for appointments such as court dates.


To automatically print the limitation diary entries when the program is started, enable the option AutoPrint Limitation Diary in System Settings.  1-day notifications, 7-day notifications, 30-day notifications, 60-day notifications and 180-day notifications will print.  

  1. Select the Client/Matter the diary entry is associated with.

  2. Select the limitation date Code.

  3. Enter the Due Date.

  4. Select the Assigned lawyer or press F5 to display a list of lawyers to choose from.

  5. Enter a Description or press F5 to select from a list.

  6. Enter the Court location and additional notes.  Click Quickfill to automatically insert frequently-used text in the notes.

  7. Click Save image\save20x20.gif.



Marking limitation diary entries as complete

Limitation Diary reports