Journal entries


Use the Journal Entries program to enter transactions such as interest, bank charges and year-end adjustments to your general ledger accounts.  Journal entries do not affect clients/matters.


Journal entries should consist of an equal debit and credit.  If you record a journal entry that does not consist of an equal debit and credit (a "half" journal entry), your general ledger will be out of balance.


Because journal entries do not affect clients/matters, do not enter journal entries to the control accounts on your System Balance report unless your System Balance is already out of balance (for example, if you are correcting an error).  These accounts are used to reconcile your general ledger with your client subledgers; therefore, all transactions must be associated with clients/matters.


For example, do not enter journal entries for trust bank accounts.  Use the Trust Checks or Trust Receipts program instead, so that the trust transaction is recorded on the related client/matter.  Using the appropriate transaction entry program means that both the clients/matters and the general ledger will be updated, and the System Balance will remain in balance.



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