Open item billing adjustments - anticipated disbursements


An anticipated disbursement is a disbursement transaction entered for the purpose of billing a client for a disbursement not yet on the file.  In Create Bills, they are entered using the Adjust Bill feature.  In Enter/Modify Bills, they are entered on the Anticipated Disbursements tab.  


Anticipated disbursements credit the client’s work in progress.  When the disbursement is entered on the client/matter, it will offset the anticipated disbursement credit.  For example, if you know that you will enter a $20 courier charge on a client/matter next week but want to complete the bill now, including billing for the courier charge, enter an anticipated disbursement for $20.  The Disbursements Billed amount on the bill will include the $20 so that you do not have to process another bill, and the client/matter work in progress will be credited by $20.  When you receive the courier invoice, enter it on the client/matter as normal, offsetting the credit entered by the anticipated disbursement.

  1. If you are using the Create Bills program, select the bill on the Pre-bills tab, click Adjust Bill, then click Adjust beside Anticipated Disbursements.  If you are using the Enter/Modify Bills program to enter a billing adjustment, click the Anticipated Disbursements tab.

  2. Enter the Disbursement code.

  3. Modify the Description if necessary.

  4. Enter the anticipated disbursement Amount or Quantity.

  5. Click Save image\save20x20.gif.

  6.  In Create Bills click Exit to return to the Adjust Bill screen.  In Enter/Modify Bills, click Ok image\done16x16.gif to return to the main tab.