Entering journal entries


Simplified menu - Click Accounting, Journal Entries

Standard menu - Click General Ledger, Journal Entries

Classic menu - Click Posting, Journal Entries

  1. Enter the Date, click image\cal_icon.gif to select the date from the calendar, or press Enter to use the current date.  To use a prior year date enter the date and then enter the prior year adjustments password when prompted.

  2. Select the G/L Account number.

  3. (Optional) Enter the Reference number.

  4. Enter the Description of the journal entry.  For example, indicate why you are entering it.  Click Quickfill to automatically insert frequently-used text in the description.

  5. Enter the transaction Amount.  To enter a negative amount type a negative sign in front of the amount.

  6. Click Save image\save20x20.gif.

  7. Repeat these steps, entering the journal entry for the offsetting account.  For example, if you are entering bank service charges you will probably need to post a credit to your bank account and a debit to your Bank Service Charges expense account.

  8. Continue entering journal entries or click Post image\done16x16.gif.


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