Entering disbursements


Simplified menu - Click Daily Activities, Enter Disbursements

Standard menu - Click Disbursements, Enter Disbursements

Classic menu - Click Posting, Disbursement Entry


Use the Disbursement Entry program to enter client disbursements such as photocopies, postage or courier charges to clients/matters or to general ledger accounts.  Entering disbursements on clients/matters increases the work in progress on the file.  Watch a tutorial on entering disbursements.


Important:  Taxes are calculated based on the tax settings on the disbursement code used when entering the transaction.  Therefore, don't use a non-taxable code and manually add tax, and don't delete or modify the calculated tax amounts when using a taxable code.  Instead, use a code with tax settings appropriate for the transaction you are entering.

  1. Enter the Date, click image\cal_icon.gif to select the date from the calendar, or press Enter to use the current date.  To use a prior year date enter the date and then enter the prior year adjustments password when prompted.

  2. Click Client or G/L.  Client is the default.

  3. Select the Client/Matter or General ledger number or press F5 to display a list to choose from.

  4. (Optional) Enter a Reference number.  For example, if you are entering a courier charge you may want to record the waybill number.

  5. Enter the disbursement code or press F5 to display a list to choose from.

  6. Enter the appropriate General ledger expense account for the type of disbursement you are entering or press F5 to display a list to choose from.  If you assigned a default expense account when setting up your disbursement codes it will appear automatically.

  7. Complete the Description if necessary.  You can also press F5 to choose another disbursement code.  Click Quickfill to automatically insert frequently-used text in the description.

  8. If the disbursement code has a unit rate enter the Quantity.  

  9. Enter the Amount.  Ensure you enter the correct amount based on the disbursement code tax settings.  If the disbursement is taxable the tax 1 and/or tax 2 will calculate automatically.

  10. Click Save image\save20x20.gif.

  11. Continue entering disbursements or click Post image\done16x16.gif.

Watch a tutorial on client and firm expenses

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Editing disbursements

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