Adding disbursement codes


Simplified menu - Click Lists, Disbursement Codes

Standard menu - Click Lists, Disbursement Codes

Classic menu - Click File Maintenance, Disbursement Codes

  1. Click New image\new20x20.gif.

  2. Enter an alphanumeric Code up to three characters long to assign to the disbursement.

  3. Enter the Description of the disbursement code.  This description will appear on the client/matter.

  4. Select a G/L account if the code will be used for entering disbursements.  When entering a disbursement with this code, this general ledger account will be credited.  If you don't enter an account here, you will need to select one when entering transactions.

  5. In the Tax 1 field, select Y if the disbursement is Tax 1 taxable.  Otherwise, select N.

  6. Enter the Tax 1 rate if it differs from the default rate.  To check the default rate, click Settings, System Settings and click the Tax Settings tab.

  7. In the Tax 2 field, select Y if the disbursement is Tax 2 taxable.  Otherwise, select N.

  8. Enter the Tax 2 rate if it differs from the default rate.

  9. Select Tax Included if Tax 1 will be included in the disbursement amount that you will enter when entering transactions.  This field applies only if the disbursement is Tax 1 taxable.

  10. Enter a Fixed Rate to charge a flat amount for the disbursement.

  11. Enter a Unit Rate to charge for individual units of the disbursement.

  12. Select Group on Bills if multiple transactions with this code for the same client/matter should be grouped on bills when Group disbursements by Code is selected in Create Bills.  For example, if there are ten postage transactions on a client/matter but you want one Postage total on the bill, choose this option.  If you prefer each transaction to be listed individually on bills leave this option unchecked.

  13. Beside Display on Bill as, select Other if the disbursement is an Other Charge (Special fee), otherwise select Disbursement.  Other charges can be displayed in a separate section on bills sent to clients/matters.  

  14. Click Save image\save20x20.gif.