Enter/Modify Bills - Select All Pre-billed Clients


The Select All Pre-billed Clients option in the Enter/Modify Bills feature enables you to automatically enter bills generated using Word Processor Billing.


To use this option you must first select a Fee Distribution method in System Settings.  Select A to distribute fees all to the responsible lawyer, or P to prorate fees based on the time transactions on the bill.  Read more about fee distribution.  You must also enable automatic bill numbering.

  1. Use Word Processor Billing to produce bills for your clients/matters.  Ensure that you select the time and disbursement entries to be billed.

  2. Click Billing, Enter/Modify Bills.

  3. Enter the date of the bills and click Select All Pre-billed Clients.  All bills that were generated in Word Processor Billing will be entered on the clients/matters.

Note:  You can't use this option to enter balance forward bills, and you can't use it if you generated bills using the Draft Bills option.