Enter/Modify Bills


Use the Enter/Modify Bills feature to enter billing adjustments to client/matter accounts receivable.  Although you can also use this feature to enter bills for clients/matters, we recommend that you use the Create Bills feature instead, and use Enter/Modify Bills only if adjustments are required after the bill has been processed, when reprinting the bill is unnecessary.  Read the topic Overview of billing for information on the billing features.


There are two methods for entering billing adjustments using this feature: open item billing adjustments and balance forward billing adjustments.


Open item billing (the "Enter" option on the Enter/Modify Bills screen) enables you to adjust bills by selecting individual time and disbursement transactions to include on the bill.  The client’s work in progress is reduced by the amount of the transactions selected.  Use this method if you want to bill the client/matter for specific time and disbursement transactions on the file.  


Also use this method if you are entering a bill that was printed in Create Bills but not posted.  


Balance forward billing enables you to specify an amount to reduce the client’s work in progress by.  The program totals the client’s unbilled transactions by date until it reaches the amount entered, and marks those transactions as billed.  Use this method if you want to enter an amount to be credited to the client’s work in progress without regard for the individual transactions on the file.  The Balance Forward method of billing is not used for processing balance forward entries following a conversion from another accounting system.


Entering billing adjustments using open item billing

Entering billing adjustments using balance forward billing

Using Select All Pre-billed Clients to automatically enter bills produced in Word Processor Billing