Editing, deleting and printing disbursement codes


Simplified menu - Click Lists, Disbursement Codes

Standard menu - Click Lists, Disbursement Codes

Classic menu - Click File Maintenance, Disbursement Codes


Avoid editing or deleting a disbursement code after entering transactions using it.  If you must modify a code, wait until after you have billed all existing disbursements (and checks) entered using the code.  This is because the program uses the disbursement code setting to determine whether an item is taxable and if so, how tax is to be calculated (included in the disbursement amount or not).  For example, if you enter a disbursement using a taxable disbursement code and then later modify the code to be non-taxable, tax will not be calculated when you bill the disbursement.

  1. Click the disbursement code to modify, click Edit image\edit20x20.gif, and make your changes.  Click Delete image\delete20x20.gif to delete the code.

  2. Click Print to print the list of disbursement codes and descriptions.

  3. Click Save image\save20x20.gif, or click Cancel image\undo20x20.gif to discard your changes or to select another code.