E-mail Manager


Simplified menu - Click Maintenance menu, E-mail Manager

Standard menu - Click Maintenance menu, E-mail Manager

Classic menu - Click Client, E-mail Manager


Use the E-mail Manager to e-mail bills, receipts and A/R reminders as PDF attachments to your clients/matters.  After producing bills or reminders, the resulting PDF files are queued in the E-mail Manager where you can view them and select which to send, and you can enter default body text and a subject for the messages.  Hardcopy bills, receipts and statements are still produced.  To use the E-mail Manager, Microsoft Outlook® is required.  Watch a tutorial on using the E-mail Manager.

  1. Before using the E-mail Manager, use the Clients screen to enable the E-mail Bills/Receipts option and/or the E-mail Statements option on the Billing Settings tab for each client/matter for which you want to e-mail bills, receipts or statements.  Also, ensure the client/matter e-mail address is entered on the Contacts tab.  

  2. Produce the bills, receipts or A/R reminders.  E-mailing bills is not available in Word Processor Billing.

  3. Open the E-mail Manager and select Bills/Receipts, Statements or Both to choose the entries to view and send.  The screen will display the client/matter number, name and matter description, along with a link to the PDF file.  To view the document, click the link.  

  4. Select the items to send by clicking the box in the left column, or click Select/Deselect All.  To remove an item from the list, select it and click Delete .

  5. When you are ready to send the messages ensure Microsoft Outlook is open, and click Send .  The E-mail Manager will use Outlook to send the messages, and they will appear in your Sent Items folder (depending on your Outlook settings).  


To edit the default subject and body text:

  1. Click E-mail Message Settings.  

  2. Select Bills/Receipts or Statements, and type the text to appear in the subject line and body of the e-mail messages.

  3. Click Save to return to the E-mail Manager.