Document Management


The Document Management feature enables you to organize documents for your clients and matters.  This feature will automatically create folders for each client or matter, and within these folders you can set up subfolders for organizing and storing files, such as word processing documents.  View, open and organize client/matter documents from the Inquiry and Clients and Matters features.  Watch a tutorial on the Document Management feature.


You can also create documents using Microsoft Word® from within the program, and attach them to clients/matters.  Base your documents on customizable templates, and add merge fields to automatically insert client and contact information using Word's merge feature.  

  1. To use the Document Management system, first enable it on the Documents tab in System Settings.  When you enable this option, the program will automatically create top-level folders for all clients and matters, and will name the folders with the client/matter number.  A folder is automatically created for clients/matters opened after enabling this option.  

  2. Manage documents from the Inquiry or Clients and Matters feature.  Open either of these features, select the client/matter, and click the Documents tab.

  3. The grid displays the files and folders in the client/matter top-level folder.

 Creating and managing folders

 Working with documents



Tip:  Don't save your documents in the same folder in which the program is located.  If you accumulate a large number of documents the program's backup will take longer to complete.  Instead, save your documents in a separate location.