Customizing the calendar

  1. Select User Settings from the Settings menu at the top of the screen, and click the Calendar tab.

  2. Select Populate Time Entry Description with Appointment/Task Description if you record appointments and tasks as time entries on clients/matters, and want the description of the item to appear on the client/matter as the description of the time entry.

  3. Select Display Appointment Listing on Startup to display a list of the day’s appointments when the program is started.  You can also print the list of the day’s appointments from this screen.

  4. Select Hide Completed Tasks to exclude completed tasks from the Task List.

  5. The option Automatically Remove Reminders Older than [] Days is currently not in use.  

  6. Select Automatically Remove Completed Appointments/Tasks After [] Days and enter the number of days.  Choosing this option helps keep your calendar organized, but ensure that important items are backed up before they are removed.

  7. Select Post Time Entries Directly to Clients/Matters if you record tasks or appointments as time entries on clients/matters, and want the calendar entries to be recorded "as-is" on clients/matters.  If you don't select this option, the Time Entry feature will display when you enter transactions, enabling you to modify entries prior to recording them on clients/matters.  You can also use Time Edit later if necessary.

  8. Select Suppress Appointment Conflict Message if you do not want to be warned when adding appointments that conflict with each other.  

  9. Choose Daily, Weekly or Monthly to select your preferred calendar view.  

  10. Click Ok image\done16x16.gif to save your changes and close the screen.


User Settings