Customizing templates with the Bill Template Wizard


Simplified menu - Click Maintenance, Bill Template Editor, Wizard

Standard menu - Click Billing, Bill Template Editor, Wizard

Classic menu - Click Billing, Bill Template Editor, Wizard


Use the Bill Template Wizard to customize billing templates for use with the Create Bills feature.  Billing templates control the appearance of the bills that you send to your clients/matters.  The Wizard enables you to choose the information that appears on your bills, to add your own logo and to select a font for the template.  You can create and customize as many templates as your firm requires.  

  1. Click New to create a new billing template.

  2. If your firm uses matter numbers to group matters for each client file, you have the option of grouping matters to create one bill for each client, or to create separate bills for each matter.  Choose whether this template will be used for bills on which matters are grouped, or to create separate bills for each matter.  Click Next .  

  3. Enter a name for the template.  If you enter a name that already exists you will be prompted to overwrite the existing file.  Click Next .

  4. On the pages that follow, select the information to appear in each section of your bills.  For example, to display the matter description on your bills, select Matter Description in the Header section.  Click Next to view the fields available on each section.  

  5. On the Font page, select a font for the template.  Your selection will apply to the entire template.  To edit fonts for specific labels on the template, for example, to use a different font for your firm's name, use the Advanced Editor.  Next .

  6. On the Logo page, you can add a logo to your bills.  Logo images can be .bmp, .png, .gif or .jpg format.  By default, the logo will display in the upper right corner of the first page of bills.  To move the logo, use the Advanced Editor.  Next .

  7. On the View and Save page, click View to view your template.  If you are satisfied with your selections click Save & Close, or click Back to return to the section to edit.