Customizing Word Processor Billing templates


Word Processor Billing merges client transaction details into a billing template to produce the printed bills that you send your clients/matters.  The billing template contains bookmarks which control the type and location of information included on the bill, so that the bill is formatted correctly.  Word Processor Billing does not apply to firms operating in the United States.


The program comes with one default template for Microsoft Word® and one default template for each of Corel WordPerfect® versions 10, 11 and 12.  If you use Word, the default template is named BILL2004.DOT.  If you use WordPerfect, the default template is named with the WordPerfect version.  For example, if you have WordPerfect 11, use BILLWP11.WPT.  If your firm purchased the ICBC Billing feature, you will have a default ICBC template called ICBCMASTER.DOT.  These templates are located in the directory in which the program is installed.


To begin customizing a template, open it in your word processor.  You can modify it to include your company logo and letterhead design, and to contain specific information for a variety of billing requirements.  When you save your customized template, save it with a new name to avoid overwriting the default.  You can create and customize as many templates as you require.


Important:  When you open the template in your word processor you will see bookmarks like this: "_CLIENTNAME"  If you are using Microsoft Word you may see square brackets around the bookmarks: "[_CLIENTNAME]".  If you are using Word and don't see the brackets, click the File tab and then click Options.  Click Advanced, and select the Show bookmarks check box under Show document content.  Click Ok.  Don't edit the bookmarks, don't insert spaces between the brackets and don't delete the underscore.  



Billing templates contain the following sections:



Guidelines for customizing Word Processor Billing templates