Adding Quickfill entries


Use Quickfill codes to automatically insert frequently-used text in transaction descriptions.  Rather than typing a phrase or sentence each time you want to use it, record it once as a Quickfill entry and assign a code to it.  To insert the entry, type the code and press the spacebar and the text will be inserted automatically.


Each user can have his or her own set of Quickfill entries.  This means that entries you record will not be enabled for other users.

  1. If you've already typed the text that you want to store as a Quickfill entry, copy it to your Windows Clipboard by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl+C.

  2. Click Quickfill beside the Description field, for example, in the Enter Time feature.  

  3. Type a two- or three-character code that you'll use when you want to insert the text.

  4. If the text is in your Windows Clipboard it will display automatically.  Otherwise, type the text that you want to store.

  5. Click Ok.


You can also use the Quickfill Codes feature to create new Quickfill entries.


Inserting text using Quickfill entries

Editing, deleting and printing Quickfill entries