Conflict search


Simplified menu - Click Daily Activities, Clients and Matters, Conflict Search

Standard menu - Click Clients and Contacts, Conflict Search

Classic menu - Click Inquiry, Conflict Search


The Conflict Search feature enables you to search client/matter and opposing party information for possible conflicts of interest.

  1. To search by keyword or phrase, choose whether to search for conflicts that Begin with the specified keywords/phrases, or that Contain the keywords/phrases.  The Begin with option applies only when searching client/matter names, matter descriptions, conflict records, contact information and vendors.  

  2. In the fields at the right of the screen, enter one or more words or phrases to search for.  Enter one name, word or phrase per line, and press Enter to move to the next line.  Search terms are not case-sensitive.

  3. Select individual types of information to search, or click Select/Deselect All.

Select this field

To search

Client name

Name fields in the client and conflict databases, and client/matter notes

Matter description

Matter descriptions in the client and conflict databases, and client/matter notes

Conflict Database

Name fields in the conflict database, and conflict notes


First name, last name and company name in the Contacts database, and contact notes.  Contacts designated Private are not searched.

Time entries

Description fields of time entries for open and closed clients/matters

Check entries

Description fields of check entries for open and closed clients/matters

Receipt entries

Description fields of receipt entries for open and closed clients/matters


Vendor name field in the Accounts Payable database

Limitation file

Notes field in the Limitation diary

  1. To select records that contain all the search terms, choose And.  To select records that contain at least one of the search terms, choose Or.  Read Specifying multiple search terms with And and Or in Conflict Search for more information.

  2. Select Exact Match to restrict the results to entries containing the precise text entered.

  3. Click Search image\search20x20.gif, or click Clear All image\undo20x20.gif to clear the search terms.

  4. Potential conflict parties will display in a report showing the type of conflict, the related client/matter number, the text matching the search term, and the date and audit number if applicable.

  5. Click Print image\print20x20.gif on the Print Preview toolbar to print the report, or click Exit image\exitprintpreview_icon.gif.


To search the conflict of interest database by client/matter name only:

  1. Click Search image\search20x20.gif.

  2. Click the column header for the name field that you want to search by.  You can search by Last Name, First Name or Client Name.

  3. Type the first few characters of the name and the screen will scroll to find your selection.  Press Escape to close the search screen.