Configuring LegalGard billing


The E-Billing option enables you to easily produce bills for clients/matters in the LegalGard text file format using Create Bills or Word Processor Billing.  After producing one or more bills, attach the text files to an e-mail message and send it to your LegalGard bill processor.  Before producing LegalGard bills, you must edit the clients/matters to add specific information required for this method of billing.

  1. Open the Clients screen, and enter the client number or press F5 to select the file from a list.

  2. Ensure the LegalGard E-Billing format is selected on the Billing Settings tab.

  3. Click the LegalGard tab, and add the LegalGard information in the fields provided.

  4. Click Save image\save20x20.gif.

  5. Repeat for each client/matter that will be billed using LegalGard billing.


LegalGard billing