Client Listing report


Print the Client Listing report when you require a list of clients/matters with information such as matter description, responsible lawyer, originating lawyer, area of law and major client code.  The report also includes work in progress, accounts receivable, trust and retainer balances.  (Retainers apply only to firms operating in the United States.)


Print this report as part of your month-end and year-end procedures.

  1. Click Reports, Client Listing.

  2. Enter the Report date or press Enter to use the current date.

  3. In the Include Transactions From and To fields, enter the date range for transactions to include on the report.

  4. Choose whether to print the report by responsible lawyer, originating lawyer, assigned lawyer or secretary, or for the firm.

  5. If you are printing the report by lawyer or secretary, select the lawyer/secretary range to include.  You can print the report for a single lawyer/secretary, for a range of lawyers/secretaries, or for all lawyers/secretaries.  A separate report will print for each.

  6. Select the range of areas of law to include.  If you do not make a selection all areas of law will be included.

  7. Select Suppress Zero Balances to exclude clients/matters with zero balances.  

  8. Select Alpha to sort the report by client name or select Numeric to sort by client/matter number.

  9. Click View image\view20x20.gif to display the report on your screen, enabling you to export the report and to drill down for more information.  Or, click Print image\print20x20.gif to send the report to your printer.  


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