Re-opening closed clients/matters


If you need to resume work on a client/matter that has been closed, it isn't necessary to open a new file.  Instead, re-open the original closed client/matter.  You can restore the transaction history so that transactions can be viewed, printed, edited and reversed just as transactions can on a file that has not been closed and re-opened.

  1. Select Closed at the top of the Clients and Matters feature and enter the Client/Matter number of the closed file.  Press F5 to display a list of closed clients/matters to choose from.

  2. Click Re-open Client/Matter.

  3. A message will display prompting you to restore the client/matter transaction history.  If you want to restore the transactions that were entered prior to the file being closed so that they display on the client/matter along with new entries, click Yes.  Otherwise, click No.