Billing individual clients/matters


Simplified menu - Click Daily Activities, Create Bills

Standard menu - Click Billing, Create Bills

Classic menu - Click Billing, Create Bills


Use the Quickbill tab to create bills for clients/matters one at a time.  Watch a tutorial on billing.

  1. Click the Quickbill tab.

  2. Enter the Date to appear on the top of the bill.  The current date will display by default.

  3. Select the Client/Matter.  Total outstanding fees and disbursements will display automatically.  Modify the Outstanding Fees amount if required.

  4. Click Apply Payment to pay all or part of the bill.

  5. If you selected a default billing template for the client/matter in the Clients and Matters screen it will display automatically.  Otherwise, choose a template from the Select Template list.

  6. If you are satisfied with the bill totals, click Move to Bills.  All unbilled time and disbursements entered on dates up to and including the bill date will be included on the bill.  Otherwise, click Move to Pre-bills.  You can change the status of a final bill back to Pre-bill if changes are necessary.

  7. Enter more clients/matters or click the Bills tab to continue.

  8. Select Post Payment (Trust/Retainer Transfer to Pay A/R) if you entered a trust or retainer payment and want to record it on the client/matter automatically.  Otherwise, you will need to use Trust Transfers to Pay A/R or Retainer Transfers to Pay A/R.  If you select this option, you can also post and print the trust checks and print client receipts automatically.

  9. Click Preview image\view20x20.gif to display the bill on screen or click Print image\print20x20.gif to post and print it.  If you select Print image\print20x20.gif, enter the number of copies to print, then click Ok .