Balance forward billing adjustments


Simplified menu - Click Daily Activities, Create Bills, Enter/Modify Bills

Standard menu - Click Billing, Enter/Modify Bills

Classic menu - Click Posting, Fee Billing


Balance forward billing is a method of entering billing adjustments in which you specify the amount to reduce the client/matter work in progress by, instead of selecting individual time and disbursement transactions to include on the bill.  This means you can credit the work in progress balance by any amount you choose, without regard for the individual transactions on the file.  


When a client/matter is billed, two types of adjustments are made to the file: the work in progress is reduced by the total of the transactions included on the bill, and the accounts receivable balance is increased.  

  1. Select Balance Forward at the top of the screen.

  2. Select the Client/Matter or press F5 to display a list to choose from.

  3. Enter the Date, click image\cal_icon.gif to select the date from the calendar, or press Enter to use the current date.  To use a prior year date enter the date and then enter the prior year adjustments password when prompted.

  4. Enter a Bill number.  If you enter a bill number that has already been used for this client the program will warn you.  If you use automatic bill numbering the bill number will fill in automatically.

  5. In the WIP Fees Credit and WIP Disbursements Credit fields enter the amount to reduce the client/matter work in progress by.

  6. In the Fees Billed, Disbursements Billed and Taxes Billed fields enter the amounts to update the client/matter accounts receivable by.  These are the amounts the file will be billed.

  7. Click Save image\save20x20.gif.

  8. Billed fees must be distributed to the correct lawyer.  Type A to distribute the fees to the responsible lawyer, type P to prorate the fees based on the time being billed or type M to allocate the payment manually.

  9. Click Post image\done16x16.gif.


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