Creating and restoring backups


Use the Create Backup feature to back up your data files to a compressed file.  Only data files are backed up; program files are not included.  You can specify the backup file name and location, or you can let the program automatically name the backup file with the current date and store it in the \backup subdirectory of the main program directory.


If this is your primary backup, ensure a copy of it is transferred to removable media such as a USB drive, and stored in a safe location outside your office.  Speak with your office administrator if you are unsure that you have a reliable system for performing backups.  Also, ensure that you or someone in your office is familiar with how to restore from your backup.


You can create backups manually, or you can configure the program to create backups automatically either once a day or each time the program is started.  Watch a tutorial on creating and restoring backups.


 Creating backups manually

 Creating backups automatically

 Restoring backups

 More information on backups