Automatic client/matter numbering


Simplified menu - Click Settings, System Settings

Standard menu - Click Settings, System Settings

Classic menu - Click System, System Settings


Enable this option if you want client/matter numbers to be generated automatically when opening new clients/matters.  Automatic numbering will not work correctly with alphanumeric file numbers or with numbers containing characters such as dashes or periods.  


The manner in which automatic client/matter numbering works depends on whether your system is configured to use matter numbers.  This option is set in the Client Number Format field in System Settings.   


If you do not use matter numbers, the program will determine the highest client number in your database and add one to it to generate the next number.


If you use matter numbers, the program will generate the next client number and the first matter for the client, not the next matter for the last client number.  The last three digits of the file number are the matter number.


For example, if the highest number in your database is 2587001, the next number generated will be 2588001, not 2587002.  To add a new matter to client 2587, type 2587 and press Enter.  The program will generate the next matter and will number it 2587002.


To enable automatic client/matter numbering:

  1. On the System Settings screen, click Edit image\edit20x20.gif and select Automatic Numbering under Clients/Matters.

  2. Click Save image\save20x20.gif, then click Exit .

  3. When opening new files, the next client/matter number will be generated if you press Enter in the Client/Matter field of the Clients and Matters screen or click Add Client/Matter .  To generate a new matter number for an existing client, type the primary client number (without the three-digit matter number) and press Enter.  You will be prompted to add a new matter for the client.