Assigning contacts to clients/matters and vendors


Simplified menu - Click Daily Activities, Contacts

Standard menu - Click Clients and Contacts, Contacts

Classic menu - Click File Maintenance, Contacts


Contacts can be assigned to clients/matters and to accounts payable vendors.  Associating your contacts with the related client files or vendors means that you can quickly and easily access contact information directly from the Clients and Matters, Inquiry or Vendors screens, instead of using another program to retrieve the details.


You can assign contacts to clients/matters or vendors using the Contacts screen, to clients/matters using the Clients and Matters or Inquiry screens, and to vendors using the Vendors screen.  The procedure is similar for each.


 Assigning contacts to clients/matters or to accounts payable vendors using the Contacts screen

 Assigning contacts to clients/matters using either the Clients and Matters or Inquiry screen

 Assigning contacts to vendors using the Vendors screen

 Removing contact assignments

 Removing an assignment using the Contacts screen