Adding G/L accounts


Simplified menu - Click Accounting. G/L Accounts and Budgets

Standard menu - Click General Ledger, G/L Accounts and Budgets

Classic menu - Click General Ledger, G/L Maintenance

  1. Enter the Account Number to assign to the new account.  If the account number does not exist you will be prompted to add a new account.  Account numbers must all be the same length and can be up to six digits long.

  2. Enter the Description of the account.

  3. Select an Account type.  Account type 1 is used for Asset accounts, account type 2 is used for Liability accounts, account type 3 is used for Revenue accounts and account type 5 is used for Expense accounts.  Account type 4 is not used.

  4. Select a Record code from 1 to 9.  Record codes 1 through 7 are used for Header accounts.  Record code 8 is used for Posting accounts.  Record code 9 is used for Total accounts.

  5. If you are adding a Total account, enter a Total level from 1 to 7.  This setting determines how far to the right the account will be indented on the Chart of Accounts.  You can print and review the Chart of Accounts when you have finished adding accounts, and modify the total levels then if you prefer.  

  6. Beside Bank, select General or Trust if the account is a bank account.  Otherwise, select No.  This field only applies to Posting accounts.  

  7. Select Page Break if you want general ledger reports to start a new page with this account.

  8. Summary applies only to the Operating Statement report.  Select Summary if you do not want the account to appear on the Operating Statement, and instead want to view only the related Total account.

  9. If you are adding a bank account, you can enter the Last Check Number used and Last Receipt Number used, so that checks and receipts entered for the bank will continue in the existing series.  

  10. If you are adding a bank account, you can also select a Check Color to match the actual color of the checks for the bank.  The check color displays when entering general and trust checks, and helps prevent entering a check for the incorrect bank.  

  11. Click Save image\save20x20.gif.


Tip:  To designate a G/L account as inactive, click the Inactive check box.  



Editing G/L accounts