A/R Reminders


Accounts Receivable reminders are notices that can be sent to clients/matters summarizing their accounts receivable.  Outstanding amounts are summarized by the aging periods Current, 30, 60, 90 and 120 days, and can be reported with or without interest.


You can print reminders for all lawyers or for a particular lawyer and for all clients/matters, a range of files or for a particular file.  Other options include the ability to print reminders as of a certain aging date, to change the interest rate, and to specify a minimum balance.  You can save your options so that you do not have to select them each time.


A/R Reminders are designed to print on laser forms.  These forms are pre-printed and can be purchased from your distributor.


Note:  Interest generated is not automatically entered on clients/matters.  You have the option of entering it by selecting Post A/R Interest from the Billing menu.


Detailed Statements

Printing A/R Reminders and Detailed Statements

Reminder interest calculation

Customizing the layout of Reminders and Detailed Statements