A/R Aging report


The A/R Aging report provides information on accounts receivable transactions for a particular lawyer or for all lawyers.  It calculates accounts receivable on clients/matters by totaling bills, receipts, bill write-offs, trust transfers to pay A/R, retainer transfers to pay A/R and interest.  A/R entries are aged using the categories 30, 60, 90 and 120 days. 


Print this report to view a breakdown of your firm’s accounts receivable by lawyer and by client/matter.  Normally, you will print this report as part of your month-end and year-end procedures.


If you have control accounts for Accounts Receivable Fees and Accounts Receivable Disbursements, your A/R Aging report should balance with these general ledger totals.  

  1. Click Reports, A/R Aging.

  2. Type the Report date or press Enter to use the current date.

  3. Enter the Include Transactions To date.  The report will include all transactions entered on dates up to and including this date.

  4. Choose whether to print the report by responsible lawyer, by originating lawyer, by working lawyer, or for the firm.

  5. If you are printing the report by responsible, originating or working lawyer, select the lawyers to include.  You can print the report for a single lawyer, for a range of lawyers, or for all lawyers.  A separate report will print for each lawyer.

  6. Choose whether to print by major client, and if applicable, select the range of major clients to include.

  7. Select Group Inactive Lawyers to print totals for all inactive lawyers on one line on the Summary report.  

  8. Select Summary Report to display accounts receivable totals by lawyer for each aging period, without a breakdown by client/matter.  To display accounts receivable by client for each aging period, do not select this option.

  9. Select Include Invoice Details to list each client/matter invoice separately.  Otherwise, the report will print a total for each client/matter for each aging period.  If you select Summary Report this option is disabled.

  10. Choose whether to include client Telephone numbers and E-mail addresses on the report.  

  11. Choose Alpha to sort by client name or Numeric to sort by client number.

  12. Click View image\view20x20.gif to display the report on your screen, enabling you to export the report and to drill down for more information.  Or, click Print image\print20x20.gif to send the report to your printer.